Q: How many time do you need to design a tailor made strategy?

A: We need around 4/5 weeks to develop a tailor-made strategy. During this period, we offer “free access” to our Tourism Report library where to can find all kind of Tourism reports: from Market analysis till Social Media, hospitality forecast, etc…

After tailor-made strategy is finnish we decide which is best plan to start to develop every strategy. Clients can decide to develop every strategy by theirself.

Q: how does you work with your clients?

A: After 2017, we decide only to accept as new clients only hotels or resorts that has a succesful strategy.

For this reason, we start to work with new clients developing a tailor-made strategy. As soon as we finish, we and clients decide wich plan could be better or not start our commercial services.

In the case an hotel or resort has a winning strategy we open a drive folder where client can find everything about our action plan.

Q: What kind of reports you do?

A: All plans has the same methodology. we send:

  • Weekly Action Proposal .

  • Monthly Sales Report.

  • Annual Balance.

Q: How are the terms in the day-to-day relationship with customers?

A: The first thing we do when welcoming a new customer is to share a space in the cloud where we share all commercial information.

We also need a corporate email.

We send and post commercial proposals on the cloud on a weekly basis.

All proposals require customer approval to be developed.